Marketing automation is a platform which is designed for the marketing departments to make marketing easy on various online sites or channels like email, social media, websites, etc. Marketing Automation are a set of tools which are designed to simply some of the difficult and time consuming tasks of the modern marketing

There’s so much about marketing automation.

But how do you learn it?

Where should you get started?

World has started understanding the importance of a good marketer and with technologies like marketing automation there has been many changes that has made this time as the best time to be a marketer.

There are lot of opportunities out there. All you need is will to learn.


Marketing automation has changed a lot of things on how businesses used to work. It has changed and craved new paths for the marketers to reach new clients. These automation tools can also build better relationships with the nurturing and better communication methods. In today’s chaos, marketing automation tool can help you by making certain things simpler and better.

Reports have shown that the companies who use marketing automation in the right way can expect 10% or more increased revenue just in the time span of 6-9 months.

Before deciding which marketing automation course is suitable for you, you need to ask yourself some questions –

1) Why do you want to learn marketing automation?

2) Which scenario best describes you?

  1. Are you a business owner or a marketing manager who wants to implement marketing automation tool to your business?
  2. Are you an individual who wants to learn how things work?
  3. Are you a marketing agency that provides marketing services behalf of your clients?

Once you know you’re WHY it becomes easier and clear for you to choose one course that is suitable and useful for you.


  • REDUCE YOUR STAFFING COSTS – marketing automation does the work of a bunch of employees alone. Example sending emails to ten thousand people at a time.
  • LEAD MANAGEMENT – The automation tool mostly does all the work related to lead management like generating leads, nurture them, convert it into a sale and keep the good relationship going on.
  • RECOVERING LOST REVENUE – using of marketing automation tool which helps you encourage customers to complete their purchases.
  • DETAILED PROFILES – This software helps you to create detailed customer profiles using email open rates, web behavior and responses. Various communication channels will help you gather new information about customers and after analyzing this data, you can add more points in your customer profiles.



  1. MARKETING EXPERT: RUSSELL BRUNSON – Russell Brunson is an expert and also called as a legend in online marketing and marketing automation.

 His book “DotComSecrets” is a must read –

You can also check out his YouTube, which is extremely knowledgeable for any marketer –

You can learn a lot of free stuff from his book and YouTube and then check out his advanced training courses here –

  1. HUBSPOT ACADEMY – Hubspot is one of the leading providers of marketing automation and sales tools. Their tools are preferred by many businesses for the features and benefits it offers.

 Hubspot also provides marketing automation training for free. It is a great platform to start if you’re still a beginner. You can learn the basics and then go for the advanced training courses as per your requirements.

Check out their courses here –


ClickFunnels is one of the top marketing automation software used by companies to improve their marketing strategies and simplify their work. Kevin David brands himself as an online marketing ninja and he is a true marketing ninja.

His marketing automation course on Udemy –

Which available for the most inexpensive price.

After learning from udemy, you can also check out his advanced training courses at –

For a little higher prices. At the end you also get a certificate of marketing automation completion. With the knowledge you gain here, the price is way too cheap.

  1. FREE TRAINING BY MARKETO – Marketo has grown to be a leader in marketing automation. It has some of the best marketing automation capabilities. For medium or large companies or any companies who wish to train multiple employees, Marketo is a great platform.

 Marketo offers free marketing automation courses that can be a great start.

Check it out here –

It is a great way to train all your employees in your budget and without actually spending.

These guides offer tremendous insight and knowledge about the various marketing concepts.

They also offer some advanced certification courses.

Check them out here –

Adstuck is a full service digital marketing and advertising agency specialized in providing full service email marketing packages and even more was founded in 2012 by Abhishek Shankar has led this company with full grace and passion to be standing as one of the top companies today. Adstuck is the one stop step for your business.

Adstuck not only excels in ecommerce marketing, digital marketing and advertising services but it also excels in working and developing new technologies. Adstuck has built India’s first and the biggest Augmented Reality platform called ‘AREAL’. Their app ‘Alive’ was acquired by Times internet in 2013. Post that Adstuck built a self-serve platform called to let everyone to build their own Augmented Reality engagements. This has helped lot of businesses in fulfilling their company goals.

Adstuck provides email marketing, social media marketing, facebook marketing, ecommerce, advertising, digital marketing, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality and few other technology related services to all kinds of businesses irrelevant of its size. It has worked with some of the most renowned brands like John Deere, Myntra, flipkart, Ola, ICICI bank, amazon etc.

With a team of more than 100+ designers, 90+ marketers, 200+ developers and 700+ projects it has its wings spread across the world. It has its branches working in India, Singapore, USA, Estonia and many of its people working in remote areas they provide best services and are one of the top companies working with the mix of digital technologies.

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