Automation tools are those which makes marketers work easier and gives companies what they actually desire for. Automation tools are those which have automated processes and are specially designed to address something particular.


Marketing Automation is a technology that manages marketing processes of a company or an individual. It is a specially designed software platform that is used by marketing department of an organization.

Some of its benefits are –

  • Improving customer experience
  • Increasing scale and scope of campaigns
  • Boosting ROI on staff costs
  • Helping team in improving results
  • Increasing average order value
  • Recovering lost revenue
  • Increasing customer lifetime value
  • Testing your ways to improve revenue
  • Predicting and shaping behavior
  • Creating space for strategic thinking


Email automation is a process of sending emails to the subscribers at a particularly triggered time or action, of a relevant information. E-mail automation could be used for various automation purposes. Email automation makes email marketing more efficient, relevant and personalized to the subscriber.

Benefits –

  • Email automation is an automatic process
  • Benefits the sales team
  • Relevant to the subscriber
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Keeps existing customers interested
  • Make a bigger impact with segmented emails
  • Keep leads engaged with drip campaigns
  • Deliver targeted messages
  • Reach a global audience
  • Reduce the potential for errors.


Email newsletters are the emails which are sent to the customers or audience of your company to inform them about the new products or updates or the latest news of your company. There are types in email newsletters like weekly digests of content, some are quarterly organization updates, and others promote new products.

Email newsletters are used to keep the customers informed and updated about your business which indirectly helps to increase sales

Benefits –

  • Targeted and personalized content
  • Build credibility
  • Better brand recognition
  • Stronger customer relationships
  • Increased traffic to your website


Automation newsletters are those which are already set up and the automated tools push it out to the people you have chosen on the particular date and time you set up.


  1. SET UP YOUR AUTOMATION SOFTWARE ACCOUNT – First step is to set up your account. Everything is possible only when we set up the account.
  2. SET UP YOUR SUBSCRIBERS LIST – commercial emails are something that is sent to your subscribers. Without subscribers email campaign cannot be set up. Draft your subscribers list and then get going to the next step.
  3. CREATE A CAMPAIGN – create your email marketing campaigns according to your preferences. This is one of the most important steps of email marketing.
  4. CHOOSE YOUR SUBSCRIBERS – choose the subscribers who you think will be interested and are suitable to your campaign audience. Your subscribers should be people who are interested in it and they can be converted into a sale.
  5. SELECT EMAIL SUBJECT LINE AND GET YOUR EMAIL CONTENT READY – subject line is something that has to be catchy. It is the first point that might interest your subscribers to open your email. Your email content should be short and precise and has to be able to capture your audiences’ interest to buy it.
  1. SELECT AND CUSTOMIZE YOUR TEMPLATE – templates attract people. So your template has to communicate about your brand and whatever you’re trying to sell to the people. In short, it has to be suitable.
  2. DESIGN YOU NEWSLETTER – newsletters are something that you share with your subscribers to keep in touch and build good relationships with them. They can be anything that interests your audience and is related to your product or service.
  3. Newsletters are your identity. Add your logo and brand name, add your social media sites extension links. Customize your newsletter in a clean manner so that it doesn’t look messy and drive your subscribers away.
  4. PROOF READ YOUR EMAIL AND TEST – proof read your email for any mistakes or anything you might want to change. And before setting it up to be automated, send it to yourself so that you are sure on how it looks.
  5. SET UP AUTOMATION – set your newsletter up with date, time and any other features you want to apply.

Newsletters are not limited. They are of many types and can be used in various situations.


  1. DAILY NEWSLETTERS – daily newsletters are those which allows you to engage your audience on daily basis.

These newsletters lets you connect with your audience everyday and this helps in building relationships stronger.

Benefits of daily newsletters are –

  • People may not check your r website everyday but daily newsletters gives you a chance to reach out to them personally.
  • Higher clicks
  • Increased engagement
  • Attract many new subscribers
  • Acts as an important educational and marketing tool. You can share content and also market your brand

newsletters when integrated between RSS feeds with your content from CMS it can be easily automated with subscribers list, date, time and any additional settings you would like to make.

  1. NEWSLETTERS BUILT AROUND INDIVIDUAL CONTENT VERTICALS – you can also create verticals that can be based on your subscribers. If you have content in many verticals then you probably can start to have a different newsletter for each vertical. This is a great way to share personalized content and engage with your audience.

Benefits of this newsletter are –

  • Personalized content
  • Better engagement and relationships
  • Increase the likelihood that a newsletter is relevant to your site visitors and gain better chances of getting people to subscribe to you.
  1. WEEKLY ROUNDUP NEWSLETTER – some people prefer everyday reading while some just like weekly readings. For these, you can have a separate newsletter so that you can engage them on weekly basis. This newsletter has to be very engaging and make sure you make it count.

Benefits are –

  • Subscribers are satisfied.
  • High quality content creation
  • You can retain your daily subscribers from unsubscribing to you by converting them to weekly subscribers.
  1. A NEWSLETTER THAT SHOWS OFF YOUR TOP CONTENT – this e-mail newsletter is designed in such a way that the audience will receive explicitly designed top content , by sending the top quality content the audience will be attracted and will not get bored because of long newsletters.

Tools like or Chartbeat can be used to automatically send the top content through the email newsletters

Benefits are –

  • Email newsletters are easy to work with because it is automated
  • Bringing customers for the new products are easy
  • Increase traffic for the website by advertising new products
  1. PERSONALIZED EMAIL NEWSLETTERS – every email could be personalized and sent to the audience, personalized email newsletters will increase the engagement with the audience because it is relevant for them. This could be easily done by the customers reading history which is very simple

Benefits are –

  • Simple and easy to send a Personalized email newsletters
  • Will increase the customer engagement
  • Individual personalization will increase the customers for the website

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