What Are Marketing Campaign Management Tools?

Marketing campaign management tools are pieces of software that help marketing professionals effectively manage their campaigns.

These tools have two broad categories: “best-of-breed” and “all-in-one.” Most marketers find that a suite of best-of-breed tools allows them to have greater flexibility and performance. Campaign management consists of planning, executing, tracking and analysing marketing programs. In the broadest sense, these tools – marketing software of various types – can be applied to all advertising and marketing efforts, both inbound and outbound. Mostly, however, they’re used for tracking outbound direct marketing campaigns.

These tools generally provide the following functions:

  • Query and analysis: to define groups of customers or distinct audiences based on specific criteria. Campaign software packages vary greatly in terms of the functions they provide. All allow for simple queries to define campaign audiences. Beyond this, many of these tools rely on third-party online analytical processing software for audience definition and data exploration.
  • Planning capabilities: to define campaigns using historical performance, anticipated costs and revenue, forecasted profitability and other elements. These campaigns can range from simple direct mail efforts to intricate multichannel, multistep, event-driven initiatives.
  • Records selection: to help choose customer records for the campaign. Random sampling and the ability to specify the exact data quantities desired are two examples of what these tools can do. Most of these packages offer records selection using projected sales or response data. They also allow a campaign planner to schedule multistage initiatives on a regular basis, or to choose an effort that’s triggered by dates, customer behaviour or any combination of factors.
  • Campaign tracking and analysis: to measure an effort’s performance by such key elements as test and control groups or customer segments.

Here’s a closer look at the key categories of campaign management tools.

Asset Coordination and Management

In order to get the best results and take control of their branding, marketers must use asset coordination and management tools. When it comes to creating, reviewing, and cataloguing assets, these tools give marketers a helping hand.

Furthermore, they help marketers in these areas elevate the quality of marketing collaterals. And they make the review and cataloguing process faster and stress-free.

Channel Management

Today, there are more marketing channels available than ever before. So to get the maximum value from each channel, marketers must call on a suite of channel management tools.

These tools can perform a variety of actions, such as scheduling posts, generating sophisticated reports, and much more. They also cover a range of marketing channels, including email and social media.

Lead and Customer Management

In order to take control of relationships and generate the customers that drive profits, marketers need to use lead and customer management platforms.

In terms of functionality and focus, lead and CRM platforms are diverse. The best tools make life easier for marketers, and help them drive as much value as possible to their businesses.

Marketing Campaign Management Tools

Asset Coordination and Management

Asset coordination and management tools exponentially pay for themselves—by improving the quality of your marketing collaterals and making your work more efficient.

Asset Coordination


Filestage transforms the way marketing professionals manage their content review process. Before Filestage, this process was a mess of email chains and scribbles on scraps of paper. But today, marketers control the feedback and review process for all their collaterals—whether it’s a video, image, PDF, document, website, or something else.

What It Does

  • Makes communication between project members simpler and more effective.
  • Removes all barriers, so stakeholders can leave quality feedback in an instant.
  • Helps marketers solve the unique challenges involved in reviewing and approving digital projects and involved files.


InMotionNow is a workflow management solution that aims at building stronger links between internal and external stakeholders over the course of a project. This goal is accomplished by improving efficiency and productivity throughout the entire process.

What It Does

  • Tracks milestones and expenses.
  • Incorporates time.
  • Facilitates collaboration.


Wipster is a review and approval platform that aims at helping video professionals get frame-accurate feedback from their stakeholders. This tool accelerates the review and approval process, in order to make teams more efficient and improve the results they achieve during their video projects.

What It Does

  • Offers frame-by-frame commenting.
  • Makes feedback clearer and easier to understand.
  • Directly integrates with Adobe products.


In an effort to harmonize systems and workflows, GoProof aims at offering a one-stop shop for all content review activities—for both internal and external users. Therefore, it improves the quality and clarity of feedback and makes your team more effective when they work together.

What It Does

  • Offers integration with Adobe apps.
  • Gives marketers on-the-move updates with a mobile app.
  • Allows managers to filter their tasks and projects.


Ziflow is a piece of online proofing software that’s aimed at both agencies and brands. This tool aims at harmonizing the review and approval of content, in order to help these stakeholders deliver their marketing projects faster.

What It Does

  • Offers functionality to improve collaboration and speed up approval.
  • Keeps all content review activities in one place.
  • Takes care of manual tasks for review and approval.

Asset Management


Widen is a platform for digital asset management that provides a shared space for marketing, sales, and technical teams. Specifically, it helps them manage and share their digital assets. It’s primarily used by midsize and large organizations that want to deliver a complete brand experience.

What It Does

  • Empowers teams to create a searchable, shareable library of brand assets.
  • Provides the ability to publish content across channels and platforms.
  • Tracks user activity and the performance of assets across channels.
  • Makes it easy to serve the right asset at the right time.


Bynder is a DAM platform that offers businesses role-based access from any location at any time. This solution makes it possible to share and organize assets. So it gives marketing departments the power to get the maximum amount of value from their digital assets. It also significantly improves brand consistency.

What It Does

  • Allows marketers to quickly access brand-consistent content.
  • Offers secure permissions and copyrights.
  • Helps marketing departments repurpose their digital assets.


Canto is a powerful DAM system that helps marketing teams organize, find, and share visual brand assets. Since this platform is secure, it makes it easy for team members to tag collaterals and share them in a visual environment. Businesses of all sizes can use this tool to create rich media libraries.

What It Does

  • Quickly and easily organizes brand assets.
  • Shares assets with the correct permissions.
  • Finds brand assets by using a sophisticated search function.


Wedia is a modular SaaS platform that’s based entirely in the cloud. It offers its users a unique media library, where they can manage, share, and repurpose all of their digital assets. This tool also offers a range of additional functionality, including the localization and customization of marketing materials.

What It Does

  • Offers global access to your library.
  • Makes it easy to integrate new content.
  • Gives users a host of filters and search functionality to find their collateral.


Cloudinary offers developers the capability to manage images, videos, and assets. This platform is used by small teams and large companies alike. It offers feature-rich functionalities for images and videos that help developers find and adjust the images they need for their projects.

What It Does

  • Allows users to edit images via an intuitive URL.
  • Integrates a wide range of development platforms.
  • Automates the entire image-processing pipeline.

Channel Management

Marketers must use a range of tools to effectively promote their product/service. They must also provide branding to leads and customers across a wide range of channels. Here’s a look at the best options out there.

1. Autopilot

Autopilot is marketing automation software that places a strong emphasis on creating visuals. In a bid to create loyal long-time customers, marketers can use this tool to plan the entire customer journey. To fulfil your particular preferences, Autopilot integrates with a range of popular apps and platforms.

What It Does

  • Helps marketing teams stay close to customers by being able to communicate across every channel.
  • Sets up a range of customer journeys by using a visual interface.
  • Captures and converts new leads.

2. MailChimp

MailChimp is an all-in-one platform that provides marketers with the functionality they need to organize their audience. This tool makes it easy for marketers to deliver the right messages at the right time, despite the size of the audience.

What It Does

  • MailChimp offers easy-to-use design tools that help marketers bring their brand to life.
  • This tool makes it easy to spread the word via a wide range of channels.
  • Marketers find it easy to collect recipient insights by using the platform.
  • This tool also monitors performance, in order to offer data-driven insights.

3. SocialPilot

SocialPilot is a scheduling platform for social media. It aims at offering a simple, cost-effective experience to its users. All over the world, marketers use this tool to improve social media management, from scheduling social media posts and improving engagement to digging deeper into results.

What It Does

  • Controls multiple accounts from one location.
  • Prevents scheduling limits.
  • Provides sophisticated, detailed social media analytics.
  • Has a collated social inbox.

4. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign offers true marketing automation that will give users the ability to extend beyond email marketing. This tool makes it easy for marketers to send personalized, responsive emails in just a few clicks. And you can create sophisticated programs based on customer actions.

What It Does

  • Assists with lead nurturing and customer success.
  • Offers feature-rich automation.
  • Provides functionality for CRM and web messaging.

5. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is another platform for social media marketing and management. This tool makes it easy for you to find prospects and connect with your existing customers. It achieves these goals by making it easier to find, schedule, manage, and report on social media content.

What It Does

  • Helps marketers save time by scheduling posts.
  • Tags, searches, and uses stats that help with curating content.
  • Offers meaningful insights via social media analytics.

Lead and Customer Management

If you’re coordinating an ambitious marketing campaign, you’ll need a plan for managing the leads and customers you generate. So you’ll need a quality tool for lead and customer management.

1. Pipedrive

Pipedrive is CRM that was specifically built for salespeople—by salespeople. So it ticks all of the boxes that salespeople need from a robust, functional CRM. It feeds qualified leads straight into the sales pipeline, automates manual tasks, and offers a range of pipelines and dashboards that will boost efficiency.

What It Does

  • Offers customized chatbots and web forms.
  • Frees up time by automating common tasks
  • Improves the efficiency of the manager app.

2. Agile CRM

Agile CRM is an all-in-one platform that helps supercharge sales, marketing, and support. It achieves this goal by offering a suite of tools that strengthen links between your team and your customers. The CRM itself is robust, and it offers single-page contact management that will help you see the big picture at a glance.

What It Does

  • Helps salespeople ramp up their performances and close more deals.
  • Gives marketers powerful capabilities for email and social automation.
  • Helps customer service offer great support and collect insightful feedback.

3. Freshsales

Freshsales is the CRM tool in the Freshworks suite. This tool boasts cutting-edge features, such as AI-based lead scoring, activity capture, email functionality, and more. Since these features are all offered in one place and by all accounts, this tool is more intuitive and simpler to use than other options on the market.

What It Does

  • Offers built-in email and smartphone functionality.
  • Provides AI-based scoring that uncovers the best leads.
  • Makes it easier to manage your sales pipeline.

4. Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is a CRM system that aims at helping sales teams sell smarter, better, and faster. It’s used by businesses of all sizes, who appreciate its suite of modern features. To close more deals, salespeople can deepen their relationships with prospects across a range of channels.

What It Does

  • Makes it easy to prioritize emails.
  • Offers live chat functionality that will increase conversions.
  • Includes a single-click dialing feature.
  • Simplifies the management of social media interactions.

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