Marketing Automation is a process of using technology or marketing automation software to automate various tasks that have to be done on regular basis. Marketing Automation is a software that is specially designed for the marketers to make their repetitive processes easier and automated.  Marketing Automation software is used by marketing departments, individuals, agencies. This typically helps them in various ways like saving time and making process automatic. 

Benefits of marketing automation are – 

  • Improving customer experience
  • Increasing scale and scope of campaigns
  • Boosting ROI on staff costs
  • Helping team in improving results
  • Increasing average order value 
  • Recovering lost revenue
  • Increasing customer lifetime value
  • Testing your ways to improve revenue
  • Predicting and shaping behavior
  • Creating space for strategic thinking
  • Reach a global audience
  • Reduce the potential for errors.

You might have a brilliant strategy but with the help of technology, you not only can execute it in a better way but also in a faster way. Marketing Automation is something that does your work faster and is also automatic. Now that you are aware of marketing automation, you also need to know about marketing funnel and marketing automation funnel. 


Marketing Funnel is a representation of your customers’ complete journey. It helps you analyze each customer and his journey with your brand. In simple terms, Marketing Funnel is a process that takes your potential customer through the whole journey, starting from discovering your brand to becoming your customer. Understanding your marketing funnel can help you to map the most effective routes to conversion.

Benefits of marketing funnel are – 

  • Increase in sales 
  • personalized nurturing of leads
  • Provide detailed insights on the leads’ -behavior, this makes it easier for the sales -team to close deals
  • Can be automated  so it saved process time and effort
  • Create awareness 
  • build trust among your leads,
  • helping you create a brand value
  • Fewer errors due to less human intervention 

Marketing Funnel can also be automated. This makes your funnel process easier and less errors. 


Marketing Automation Funnel is a strategy that is developed in order to automatically generate new leads and convert them as potential and loyal customers of your brand.  

Marketing Funnel includes these stages –



1) AWARENESS – Awareness is the first step of marketing funnel. In this stage the customers are just getting know about your brand. It is the initial stage and the customers have just discovered your brand. This is the stage where you target audience. This is an important step as you are targeting people and you need to make sure that the audience your targeting are the right ones. Here you goal is to make meaningful contact with your audience by attracting them with your content or offers to get them to share their contact information with you. 

Before setting up automation process, you will have to collect as many leads as possible so that you get better conversion rates. Create an offer or some content for the users to access. And every time someone new accesses, they leave their email address. This automation process makes it easier as it saves all the information automatically and you don’t have to spend time over it. When someone subscribes to you, you can send them a welcome email. This is where your nurturing process can be started.

2) CONSIDERATION – at this stage, you are pushing your leads to get interested in you. You can do this by continuously nurturing them. Sharing useful content, giving them offers, grabbing their attention with offers or coupons. This is a stage when your leads are looking at you so make sure they get the right information.

Create content with compelling messages like emails to nurture your leads to show them what you can offer and how they can be benefitted with it. 

You can automate this process based on timings, personalization and segmentation. Save your content on your automation tool and set your subscribers list and time to it. It will automatically be sent to them without you even having to check.

A/B test your campaigns as much as possible to raise your conversion rates even higher.

3) DECISION – this is the stage that you have been working for. This where leads decide to make that conversion for you, to make that sale that you have been trying to convey to them in the previous stages.  This is when a lead makes their decision to make this purchase or not.  Your previous steps decide if a lead is going to make this purchase or not. So when you are in your first two stages, it is important to grab their interest. 

Once they have decided to make the purchase, you can use your automation to support this process to provide clear instructions or directing them to payment process without any hassle. 

You can also set up automation process to trigger your sales team whenever any lead is ready to be converted by sending them automated reminders. You can also set up meetings or calls with your customers to make the purchase happen between your sales team and the customer. 

4) RETENTION – making a sale is a short term goal, retaining your customers is the long term goal. You will have to make your customer stick around to you. This depends on your product and your marketing funnel stages. This is purely based on customer satisfaction.  So when you make a sale, you have to make them feel important and build trust with them. Building trust will not only ensure good relationships but also it’s a base of loyal customer.

This process can also use automation. Automation process here can be a thank you message after a sale. Sending them relevant content and offers they might be interested in. Answering their queries, follow up etc.

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