Email Marketing is the widely preferred marketing strategy by every form of business. Be it fashion industry or a software company, be it Adstuck or you, we all prefer email marketing. Email marketing is a type of digital marketing strategy that is preferred by many. 

Email Marketing is the process of marketing and advertising about your products or services through emails. This is a process where you send emails to your subscribers in a way that they are flattered to buy from you.

But why is it preferred?

Well here’s why – 

  • According to statistics, there will be more than 4.3 billion email users by 2023 and as of now there are there are about 3.9 billion email users. 
  • For every dollar you spend, you can expect an average return of $42 (DMA 2019). 
  • Emails have the highest open rate with about 82%. 
  • Interactive emails like the emails which add videos to it, can increase emails click through rates by 300 percent.

Email Marketing holds so much data and reports of a company. So it is curtail to consider your security. Security awareness is an important step to consider for any business. Be it small business or large business, you have invested money and time into it and it is important to keep it safe.  It is natural that with so many things to take care on everyday grind you might forget about security awareness for a while.  Security awareness posters provide a visual reminder of important security tasks for everyone within your organization. It does take some kind of security to keep your data safe. 


  1. PASSWORD SECURITY – passwords are the most common and best security practices. Every company or any individual prefer having passwords. Be it a company trying to protect its important documents or a teenager using password to lock his WhatsApp. But when it comes to a business, you definitely need to have strong password. 

Now, you might think that your accounts and all the details are safely locked with a strong password, but are you sure?  

  1. CLOUD SECURITY – No doubt that could is a good security. But cloud also backs this up with reminders and tips about basic cloud security steps that every computer user should know and practice. Check this poster out for better information and secure now.
  1. PROTECT YOUR WORKPLACE – “Protect your workplace” is a campaign poster that provides important information about cybersecurity threats in the workplace. This poster has some really good information in combating cybersecurity threats. It also includes links to the Department of Homeland Security’s Stop. Think. Connect to website pages where readers can learn more.
  1. CYBERSECURITY GUIDANCE – this poster is the one that is developed by department of Homeland Security and the South Dakota State Government. It talks about warnings and the threats of cybersecurity. It also provides tips for general employees and business owners and anyone who would like to know about cybersecurity.
  1. BASIC TIPS AND ADVICE – This poster talks about some basic yet powerful tips and advices. It can be useful to protect yourself from cybercrimes. And it is also useful for your employees to understand do the work better. This a long one but the information in it is worth a lot.
  1. DON’T BE FOOLED – this is a perfect poster that shows hoe crimes happen. You never know what’s beyond something that you can see. You never really know what a person is. That is why it is important to be careful. Just the illustration of this poster triggers warning. It is one of the perfect poster. 
  1. PASSWORD DO NOTS – there are a lot of posts and posters that talks about passwords and its importance. Here is one such poster that tells what not to do while deciding a password.
  1. VIRTUAL THREATS – it literally just take minutes for any hacker or cyber thief to steal everything from your computers. Literally everything that you are doing. Here’s a great poster that triggers warning and clearly depicts it.
  1. CYBERSECURITY FACTS – this is a great infographic poster that lists out some really useful information and poster that attracts people to read some useful information. 
  1. MAPPING OUT – this is one of the best poster I liked. It clearly maps out the online process and you clearly can see the hundreds of ways on how cyber thieves can probably steal your data that you have been protecting.

 ADSTUCK – A full service digital marketing and advertising agency founded in 2012 by Abhishek Shankar has led this company with full grace and passion to be standing as one of the top companies today. Adstuck is the one stop step for your business.

Adstuck not only excels in ecommerce marketing, digital marketing and advertising services but it also excels in working and developing new technologies. Adstuck has built India’s first and the biggest Augmented Reality platform called ‘AREAL’. Their app ‘Alive’ was acquired by Times internet in 2013. Post that Adstuck built a self-serve platform called to let everyone to build their own Augmented Reality engagements. This has helped lot of businesses in fulfilling their company goals.

Adstuck provides email marketing, social media marketing, facebook marketing, ecommerce, advertising, digital marketing, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality and few other technology related services to all kinds of businesses irrelevant of its size. It has worked with some of the most renowned brands like John Deere, Myntra, flipkart, Ola, ICICI bank, amazon etc.

With a team of more than 100+ designers, 90+ marketers, 200+ developers and 700+ projects it has its wings spread across the world. It has its branches working in India, Singapore, USA, Estonia and many of its people working in remote areas they provide best services and are one of the top companies working with the mix of digital technologies.

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