Email marketing has become the most important digital marketing strategy. We know how much benefit it brings to the company with all the kind of tools and advantages it has to offer. Starting from sending bulk mails to mass audience at the same time with just one click to generating leads, converting leads into sales, generating higher ROI and building solid customer base and forever gaining new customers, email marketing has done it all.

But wait, did you just read bulk mailing?

Yes, bulk mailing also called as mass mailing is nothing but widely known as email broadcasting by the marketers.



Email broadcasting is a process where you send same emails to a large group of audience. It is mostly used for announcements related to your company or products or services that you offer. It is a method of sending a commercial message to a large group of people using email. It is an individual and same email sent to a group of audience. Broadcast emailing are manually handled and it is usually in the form of news letters or flash sales and promotions about the company or the products or services provided.


  1. Contact List – first step of email broadcasting is to prepare a contact list. Contact list must include all the people whom you want to send the mail to. Preparing contact listing can be categorized based on location, countries, businesses etc. This will help you directly select the list on the broadcasting by importing or exporting this contact list.
  1. Email Template – Email Template has to be created in order to see how your email will look to the audience. Template is a sample that is created before sending bulk mails out with text, alignment, subject line, attachments in the file, font size etc.
  1. Write That Perfect Email – writing is a tricky job. It is not as easy as it looks. To convince people without actually talking to them is a hard thing to do. But it can be made perfect for your business. To write a perfect mail main thing is to be able to connect to the audience. To connect to the audience on emotional and personal level and make them buy your product or avail your service is the goal of writing a perfect email.
  1. Schedule Campaign – after preparing the contact list and creating email template you can go to your software and select all the preferable options you want to. After setting up everything you can directly broadcast your campaign or schedule date, time and contact list for the campaign to get activated and the mails will be sent to every person in your contact list at that same particular given time.


  1. Use simple language – generally people find it easier to read something that is in simple and in conversational language. Not many would be willing to dedicate lot of time in reading an email. So keep it simple and catchy that would gain lot of attraction and make people want to avail your products or service.
  1. Unique Writing – develop a new method of writing. Try to explain things in engaging manner. Try to explain the readers about how availing your services can lead to something that will be useful. Give it a nice flow but remember to keep it short. Most people tend to skip reading if the email is too lengthy. Use storytelling and strong characters and make them wonder “what’s next”.
  1. Subject Line – it is a proven fact that the email with catchy headline and headline with emoticons are opened more than an email with an average headline. This is where audience decide to open and read your mail or not. So make sure this headline grabs all the attention.
  1. Proofread – proofread your email out loud before you send it. This will make you realize if there are any mistakes and if there are any changes required to be made at the last moment.
  1. Broadcast strategically – plan out every step and analyze every possible result. Use tools and software platforms that can benefit you and get experts to work on this project if needed.

Email marketing has become the part of every business that goes online today. It is not possible for a single company to take every little detail into consideration and have every kind of work done in house. This is why we have agencies. There are agencies or companies that are specialized in providing services that you need.

Adstuck is one of the best digital marketing and advertising company. Founded in 2012 by Abhishek Shankar. Adstuck has won several awards as it continues to grow and build its identity all across the world.

Adstuck has worked with some of the world wide renowned brands like John Deere, Myntra, flipkart, Ola, ICICI bank, amazon etc. It provides email marketing, social media marketing, facebook marketing, ecommerce, advertising, digital marketing, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality and few other technology related services to all kinds of businesses irrelevant of its size.

Adstuck not only excels in ecommerce marketing, digital marketing and advertising services but it also excels in working and developing new technologies. Adstuck has built India’s first and the biggest Augmented Reality platform called ‘AREAL’. Their app ‘Alive’ was acquired by Times internet in 2013. Post that Adstuck built a self-serve platform called to let everyone to build their own Augmented Reality engagements. This has helped lot of businesses in fulfilling their company goals.

With a team of more than 100+ designers, 90+ marketers, 200+ developers and 700+ projects it has its wings spread across the world. It has its branches working in India, Singapore, USA, Estonia and many of its people working in remote areas they provide best services and are one of the top companies working with the mix of digital technologies.

Adstuck is the one step stop for your business. We grow when you succeed. Join with us today and avail our services provided to you at the best.

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