Hubspot and ActiveCampaign are both active CRM platforms . What does CRM mean? It’s short for Customer Relationship Management which is a technology that helps you manage all the company’s relationships and interactions with people and customers. A CRM campaign is instrumental in connecting to customers and streamlining processes to help boost conversion rates and profitability. 

CRM uses data analysis to provide meaningful insights into the customer’s behavior to help the companies tailor their approach basing it on this data-driven approach to improve business relationships. 

Now we dig into the differences between Hubspot and ActiveCampaign. They differ in terms of the offered functionality. Hubspot is an email marketing tool that also provides CRM facilities for companies, while ActiveCampaign primarily deals with dishing out CRM solutions to its clientele along with other marketing services . When it comes to CRM offering, Hubspot has the upper hand with its free CRM plan.

But the more salient differences should be which bracket of companies do they pander to ultimately. On the surface, the pick of the lot for small scale companies should be ActiveCampaigns as it earns an extra edge over Hubspot with a cheaper paid plan and a user-friendly , interactive tool. It takes comparatively less time to get a grip over ActiveCampaign’s CRM and is relatively easy to set up. But when it comes to enterprise companies Hubspot is the better choice. Let’s make the differences a little more evident now.

What Makes Them Stand Out? 

Hubspot presents itself as a company providing you a vast multitude of services catering to every need of your digital marketing campaign. But as a primarily email software platform Hubspot offers:

  • CRM : Keeps track of companies in the cloud system
  • Sales: Make calls, lead generation, nurturing 
  • Marketing : Email Campaigns among others

This depicts the picture of a multipurpose platform based on impeccable quality CRM build for simplicity.

This is what Hubspot has that ActiveCampaign doesn’t.

  • Live Chat

Couple of plans provide the live chat functionality to help you directly connect with your customers. You would need integrations if you wanted this facility in case of ActiveCampaign, while Hubspot bundles it for you.

  • Landing Page

Similar to the previous point Hubspot offers you the ability to connect with your entire workflow pipeline utilising the CMS provided on a couple of plans.  You would need integrations in case of ActiveCampaign.

  • Customer Service Features

Perfect for running a customer service department , Hubspot offers an efficient platform complete with a knowledge base, chatbots, conversations dashboard, ticketing system.

So far Hubspot seems to be the top contender. But ActiveCampaign has a few aces up its sleeve as well. These are some unique features that give ActiveCampaign an advantage over Hubspot.

  • Cheaper And Affordable Cost

ActiveCampaign as stated before provides its features at a relatively cheaper price when compared to Hubspot.

  • List Segmentation and Split Testing

Split Testing and List Segmentation is simpler to use in case of ActiveCampaign . In the case of Hubspot you would have to deploy workarounds in order to utilise these features.


The pricing model of both the platforms is vastly different to begin with. Let’s shed some light on these striking differences then.

  • ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign offers 4 plans that are devised keeping your list size in mind.

  • Lite
    • $17/month
    • Caters to 3 users
    • Chat and Email Support
    • Newsletters and Autoresponders
    • Gives you the option of unlimited sending
    • Focused on email Marketing automation
  • Plus
    • $49/month
    • Caters to 25 users
    • Contact and Lead Scoring
    • Provides CRM
    • SMS Marketing
    • Allows you to host your account on a custom domain
  • Professional
    • $129/month
    • Caters to 50 users
    • Site Messaging
    • Allows you to track a conversion’s touchpoints
  • Enterprise
    • $229/month
    • Caters to unlimited users
    • Provides a dedicated account representative
    • In-depth onboarding
    • Provides Phone support and free design services

On Top of this ActiveCampaign offers a free trial of 14-days that allows you to test out most of the features offered. 

  • Hubspot

Hubspot’s pricing model could be a little tricky to grasp initially. It has 4 types of services divided into 5 plans. Let’s talk about what these 5 plans have to offer :

  • Free, Starter, Basic Plans : Limited feature set and geared primarily towards individuals with a handful of users
  •  Professional : Tailored to be utilised by small teams with all features in the kit
  • Enterprise : The best offering of the 5 made for enterprise teams

All these features come with a 30-day free trial that allows you to try out most of the features.


 No matter how many features are offered you would still need to integrate other facilities for the purpose of business. Both Hubspot and ActiveCampaign allow easy integration of other apps into your model. Hubspot offers integrations with over 200 apps , including ones like Slack, SalesForce, Zendesk etc. ActiveCampaign allows integration with 150+ apps with tools like Zapier, Stripe, LeadPages etc.

This gives a very basic idea of the difference between Hubspot and ActiveCampaign. As we saw, the two are pretty similar when it comes to handling marketing tools and functionalities and differs in handling the details.


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