Newsletter Ads in the broad sense refers to the advertisements that accompany any email campaign. We have explored a great deal when it comes to email marketing and going into explicit details to come up with a plan, best email marketing agencies and emailers to help you build a robust email campaign. But email campaigns are themselves meant to engage your target audience and are standalone advertisements right? Well why would you need an advertisement on top of another advertisement?

To break it down into simple terms the companies employing email marketing campaigns can allot a part of the space to other companies to advertise about their services and products in exchange for a fee or a mutually agreed upon arrangement like allowing the 1st company to advertise in the emails the second company sends out to its target audience.

We have discussed in great detail why this is a great source of revenue, compared to social media, the average order of an email is around 3 times as much. Email marketing is estimated to have an ROI of around 4400 %.

Also if you have placed your ad in a campaign from an influencer with a close connection with their subscribers, the chances of conversion shoot up since that email is usually regarded as a personal endorsement and there’s your cherry on top.

A Promising Avenue 

Although the statistics do seem pretty promising, you must stare at hard facts as well. A big emailing list does not equal better engagement. Since in the case of emails you are never guaranteed views, it is imperative you pick the lists you choose to invest in with the utmost care. Picture this, you do receive tons of emails each passing day. A lot of them are from companies advertising their products.

Count the number of these emails you glanced at? Generally speaking we usually don’t , maybe because we forgot to uncheck the  ‘send me updates’ that one time having registered for a free website or a free trial. Reasons are countless in this aspect. But the story is entirely different if it is a person or a brand that you recognize with . The emails from these sources are far more likely to get an action out of you. 

The list may be shorter, but the engagement is comparatively far greater. Find a promising emailing list that could help you maximize engagement.

Once you do this, do not lose hope after the first few tries. Despite being the craziest fans , hardly anyone opens the advertisements of brands on the first go. Stick to your plan, and stay in the campaign to reach as many people as possible.

Finding Partners

The question that pops up next is how do you go about finding partners to deploy targeted newsletter advertisements? You could start with the connections you’ve built in your niche or you could utilise email networks. 

Roping in partners the old fashioned way could be difficult but is evidently rewarding in its own sense as well. Building connections could allow further opportunities down the line. In order to streamline your partner search , reach out to email networks to connect you to like-minded businesses for effective revenue boosting campaigns.

Get Creative

Designing email ads is a different ball game when you compare it to designing web ads. In the case of email ads the spotlight falls on the text rather than the eye-catchy graphics.

Try blending the advertisement with the rest of the email so as to make it look like a part of the mail itself and not standing out as an ad, focus on the keywords of the mail and the subject line to get an idea of the content to include in your ad in order to get the subscribers to click on your ad. 

That’s your sole motive here. Stick to that. Do not forsake this for jazzy designs, which although good might prove counterproductive in some cases. 


Email ads are charged at CPM(Cost per mille, or thousand subscribers). So the standard is you pay for every thousand subscribers the email goes out to. A good CPM rate would lie in the range of $30-$40 or less. So for 30,000 subscribers you would be paying a price of $1200 at $40 CPM rate. But before you settle in , take the expected CPC(Cost Per Click) into account to get a better idea regarding the effectiveness of your ad. 


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