We have discussed in great detail how Email marketing is one of the most effective ways of connecting with your leads and converting them into customers. Compared to social media, the average order of an email is around 3 times as much. Email marketing is estimated to have an ROI of around 4400 %. You can see why email marketing should be one of your top 3 channels when it comes to developing your business. The reiteration of this fact is imperative to pinpoint the value email marketing brings to the table. 

How do you get started with email marketing? Jot down a list of your leads, and add an email service provider. Add a little automation after fine tuning your lists and messages personalized for your target audience, and voila! You are ready to get down to brass tacks.

But the emails you plan on sending to your leads should not be of the same kind. You need to weave mails that’ll engage them, in order to turn those leads into clientele. It frankly is a matter of numbers. As a business owner with a digital presence, what you really want is of course a big enough target audience to pander to . These are days you prayed for obviously. You wake up one fine morning, and voila your site’s traffic stats saw a considerable spike, leaving you wondering where did the traffic come from?

But you want to keep on performing in the same manner instead of just being another one-hit wonder. Today we discuss some strategies to help you replicate that elusive spike in your site traffic stats. We begin with content that leaves your audience agog clamouring for more.

  • Data Visualisation

Gives the pictorial representation of information that the target audience might be interested in. Is highly effective in garnering the attention of people as it gets further visually appealing

  • Videos

Speaking of visually appealing, we are generally attracted to the premise of a website if a miniscule video describing its operations marks the beginning of that particular website.

  • Awards

Awards bagged by the company gives you an idea about the credibility of the company and lets you know whether they know what they are doing, and are they doing it right?

  • Research-backed Text Content

People find statistical data fascinating. Correction people find startling statistical data and is a prime example of the content that draws in people to the sites deploying research-backed text content.

Here’s a few viral marketing strategies to put your company over the top.

  • Media Coverage

Getting mentioned by high-traffic news sites or press mentions for your site could be clinical in directing a massive volume of traffic your site’s way. But your content needs to be unique and engaging enough to be mentioned by these giants.

Gather and include content that the press would find newsworthy. Something the press would find useful when looking for backups for their stories . A really good way of achieving that would be sharing your own data.

Research your audience thoroughly, here by audience I mean news sites you would want to feature your site to help you craft personalized powerful emails to pitch your story to them. 

Build an affable relationship to get them on board and get the ball rolling on those traffic spikes eventually.

  • Get Featured On Other Blogger’s Newsletters

Another way would be catching the attention of reputed bloggers , by establishing relationships with them and writing engaging and meaningful content that their readership would find useful for them. If you can convince them that the content you wish to provide is something your audience would love to get their hands on, you’ve got a powerful ally to help you increase traffic on your website.

Begin with bloggers you’ve already built connections with and work your way up to get more people on board.

  • Social Outreach

Pretty similar to last point, to really make your content viral you could get popular social influencers to put your content in front of their target audience. Do not go asking them to share your content, go in easy and allow them to sit on the idea you pitched them.

You need to approach influencers whose followers would take time out of their day to review your product. Start off with creating a list of the social influencers you wish to approach, and go for increased response rate through feedback and citation.

The key is to offer content that is unique and engaging, and build connections on top of this.

  • Pinterest Marketing

If your website is going to employ compelling and design-driven images Pinterest is certainly a tool you should wield to increase the amount of traffic your content should be garnering.

How do you go about doing that? Utilise Pinterest’s social button to tempt people to pin and share your images. Work your way to add your images on social platforms allowing people to repin it and make it on the popular images in the popular section.


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