Any marketing team becomes the best in its activities with lot of work and planning put into it. Any team requires coordination for it work function well and what’s the factor that keeps the team going? Workflow right. But what exactly is workflow and how to we successfully implement it? Stay with me till the end to know everything about it.

Marketing flow is a plan that is created by taking every factor into consideration for the everyday work to run smooth. It can be in a graphical format or a flow chart form. It consists of sequential steps that has to be carried out one after the other to ensure that the tasks are done on time. This is typically developed by the marketers to make their work easier and keep everything going on track and on time. In simpler sense, marketing flow is a plan developed to simplify marketers’ everyday life.



  1. Fewer Redundancies – creating a marketing workflow plan will typically solve your confusions. This will help you in implementing a plan for your business to work with lesser unessential activities and remove things that are not useful.
  2. Improved Accountability and Transparency – it will help you divide each person’s responsibilities. This way you can also keep a track on every person’s work and check for the updates. This will help you in having an idea how your work is going forward and will help you analyze if there is anything that needs to be added or removed.
  3. Improved Strategies – marketing flow will help in developing better strategies. This is because, you would already have a clear idea of what is happening now and what should happen in the future. So this certainty will help in strategizing for the future with accurate outcome.
  4. Internal Communications – marketing workflow allows you to divide the work with your team and this will help in your team staying in touch and looking at what is done. This simplifies the internal communication in the organization.
  5. 5. Customer Communications – workflow plan will deliver you the key points from the previous communications and this will help you keep your communication more clearly and on point.
  6. Improved Billing with Automated Processes – automated billing process will ensue the invoices to be delivered on time and fastens the payments to your employees and clients.
  7. Easier Collaborations – The communication becomes easy with all the updates everyone on the team can see. This will make the collaborations easier and project files or materials can be shared.
  8. Reduced Chance of Human Error – automated workflow can significantly reduce manual errors. Because most of the data will be entered only once and everything will be sorted by the automation tools.

This significantly lowers the chance of transcription errors and ensures that your records are as accurate as possible for current and previous transactions and interactions with your customers.

Now that we’re aware why marketing workflow is important. Let’s take a look at how we can set marketing workflow up.


  1. Team Communication – first thing is to communicate with your team about marketing automation workflow and create your plan including the work flowchart, marketing tools, people working on it and everything else required.
  2. Onboard the Team – after communication you will have to onboard your team and share the access of your tool with every one of them. This is important to have everyone onboard to get the work started.
  3. Define Everyone’s Responsibilities – share and define the responsibilities with your team. Explain them their parts of work and plan. This will help you and your team to keep everything on track and everyone on up to date.
  4. Map out Task Checklists – map out the tasks that needs to be done and keep a checklist of every task that has been completed. This will help in keeping a track of the tasks that has been completed and will keep you aware of what has to be done next and how it has to be done.
  5. Marketing Calendar – keep a marketing calendar and share it with your team as well. This will be useful in keeping the track of tasks durations and upcoming events.
  6. Collaboration and Execution – marketing workflow will make it easier for the team to collaborate and work together. This will help them in defining their tasks clearly and on the time. This will also be useful as the ideas and strategies developed will be more precise and work better.
  7. Analyze – by the end of the day, every one of us wants to keep a track and analyze the activities. This will be a good plan and tool to analyze the work done and its preciseness.


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