What is email automation?

Email automation is meant to boost user experience, sales , lead generation and increase overall productivity.

This entails sending out emails to prospects and customers automatically triggered by specific actions of your target audience, like abandoned cart, upcoming end of subscription period and many more. Email automation takes repetitive tasks off the to-do list to free up your time for other priorities. 

Through email automation tools you can help customers learn more about your brand, convince them to come back , or just provide them a simple reminder why they bought from you in the first place.

Email marketing solutions thus allows you to send the right message to the right people at the right time.

What are the benefits of email automation?

  • Personalized customer experiences
  • Maximizes your marketing team’s utility
  • Improves customer retention rate
  • Helps you implement a scalable marketing plan

Let’s talk about some ideas that you can implement vis-a-vis email marketing automation.

Email Automation Ideas

A couple of email automation ideas to help you increase customer engagement and retention are as follows:

  • Birthday Celebrations

Birthday celebration emails give your target audiences an indication that you care. It is a noble gesture. It also is an opportunity to show how much you care about your clients. Some companies give away gift cards on this special occasion. Some resort to personalized birthday cards, posters or goodies. Or you could go a little old school and provide a limited discount offer on any of your products. Take this idea and make it your own. Making your customers feel special goes a long way in establishing brand loyalty.

  • Welcoming new subscribers

This is the first impression your new customers are going to form . Make sure you take this opportunity to roll out the red carpet in their honor and give them a premium tour of your services. A little luxury never hurt anybody, so don’t hesitate to provide special offers to your new customers to engage them fruitfully.

Thank you new customers and give them a choice to customize their email experience according to their needs.

  • New Customer Onboarding

This email automation idea takes welcoming to the next level. This sets up customers for their experience with the company with an introduction to the services the company would be providing along with contact information in case they get stuck anywhere. You could also direct them to additional resources to help them solve their problems by themselves . Customer onboarding sets up customers for success and uses this as a key proponent in lead nurturing.

Using a customer onboarding series to allow these emails to percolate in your customer’s inbox over time is key.This is a component of the drip marketing automation system. Why is that? Sending them all at once would simply be overwhelming for the customers, and we don’t want that now do we?

  • Win Them Back

It’s time to turn your setbacks into success stories. All the disinterested customers could be turned into promising leads using one of the most effective email automation tools : re-engagement emails.

It’s time to execute a well thought-out win back campaign.Think as to what could you possibly offer to your customers to coax them back in. It could be added benefits, a new product line, limited discount offers meant to reel this section of the target audience back in.

It’s important to do your research and focus on timing.

  • Success Metrics

Usage updates and statistics allow the companies to keep the customers in look as far as the product is concerned. Something as simple as measuring your progress against other users puts this as an important reflective email automation tool.

Put some thought into what kind of statistics could positively engage your prospective clientele.

  • Nurture Series

You’ve got them hooked. Now it’s time to lead them further down the funnel. A nurture series is simply following up on something that your customers found engaging and which led them to your website.

Now that you’ve got their attention it is important to take necessary steps to maintain the same engagement level with them.

  • Event Registration And Attendance

If someone has registered for a seminar or an event, utilise this email automation tool to convert them from registrant to attendee.

Send them reminders as to the key dates and bring in the key attractions of the event to further stress the importance of this event.

After the event little gestures of gratitude followed by highlights or access to key slides. Depending on the engagement so far you could consider adding them to your nurture series.

  • Abandoned Cart

It is possible for your customers to leave your site without finalizing a purchase first. Abandoned cart emails are targeted to convert those visitors into promising leads through this email automation tool.

Adstuck Email Automation

Coming in hot on the heels of a successful consulting company renowned for their expertise in the field of AR, Adstuck is all set to introduce email campaign services. Adstuck will be providing you facilities like content marketing, email marketing, social media marketing. Buckle up,Adstuck is here to take care of your digital marketing campaign. Prepare to be mind blown by a diligent, hardworking team to deliver your idea. Adstuck’s team will help render it into an elegant and effective solution to suit the needs of the next customer.As far as experience goes, Adstuck has worked with a couple of Fortune 500 companies and built robust solutions for them .

Adstuck has the necessary arsenal to establish a quick footing in an essential business with its data analytics driven approach . Armed with a relentless team of trained professionals ranging from engineers,web designers to graphic designers executing your strategy by not relying on cookie-cutting solutions or stringent practices. The focus is on results to drive your workflow pipeline. 

Be ready to have all your troubles be blown into thin air by the capable team at Adstuck.

Adstuck is ready to give you data-backed and analysis driven proven results that are a  testimony to the  resounding success of all the clients.   .Adstuck provides you with a vast array of services to supplement your marketing campaign and ensuring excellence is the key to achieve legitimate,tangible results.

At the end of the day, customer service is very essential to ensure a company is legitimately turning around the businesses of its clients and at the same time allowing for positive reinforcement and growth of the business. Adstuck is striving constantly to help you forge strong ever lasting bonds with your target audience. Adstuck helps you leave a mark on your customers who are willing to come back every time they are faced with a problem having placed their trust on your company.At Adstuck the focus is also on providing you the best email campaign service strategy and email automation ideas to help your marketing team put their best foot forward. 

Begin  your journey as we speak to take your business to the next level, to allow room for more challenging undertakings and daunting assignments. Adstuck got your back. 

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