Email Marketing is the present and the future and this is not just saying but it’s something that is backed by research and facts obtained from them. According to reports, there are about 3.9 billion email users in 2019 and it is expected to grow 4.48 billion users in 2024. 

Email marketing is about sending commercial emails to the potential existing customers and to turn more people as their customers. From setting up email marketing campaign, automation and personalization, everything is important to have a killer campaign that can boost your sales and increase your revenue. 

No matter where you are, email marketing campaign can still be run successfully. You can still win your existing and future customers. Although there are numerous number of email marketing tools, you don’t really need them all. All you need to do is find those right tools for you (We have already discussed about email marketing tools and a lot of stuff in our previous articles. Check them out!). 

Email marketing campaign is a series of emails sent to the existing customers by the business. These emails can be about their products, services, company, offers, coupons, information and a lot more things depending on your business. 

Email Marketing is not limited to any kind of business. It can be used by a small store to a fashion brand. (Check out our previous email marketing for dental and hotels articles). 

Email marketing campaigns enables for the fashion brands to get into their inbox and ultimately into their closets. A good fashion email marketing campaign is able to hold their existing customers for a long time and also are able to attract new ones. 

It is known that fashion industry is always changing. Be it style or design, people at always looking for Something More. With such wide range of stuff fashion can offer, it is important for it to keep updating and staying in front line with their email marketing campaign.


  • FOCUS ON CUSTOMERS – knowing what your customers want can take you on a long run. Anything you do will go into trash if that’s not what customers want. By focusing on customers, using automation tools and be technologies and by combining the buyer’s journey with your campaign, you can be sure that email marketing campaign is on the right track.
  • CREATE A COMMUNITY – creating a community means creating a group of your brand ambassadors and all you have to do here is ask them to share pictures of them with your fashion items and share on social media. This will also give you an opportunity to engage with your customers and build good relationships and will also keep your brand ambassadors interested to promote you more often. 
  • ADDRESS THEIR NEEDS – when a customer reaches out to you with some problem and you’re able to fix it, it will not just provide you a happy and satisfied customer, but you will also earn a loyal customer.
  • TRY DIFFERENT APPROACH – lot of brands take a leap of clearly planned faith and try different approaches and it does work most of the times. Although you’re main focus is your fashion styles and products, try to integrate it with the values and ideas you believe in. This will grow an emotional connection in the hearts of your customers when they know what you believe in. 
  • STORY TELLING – engaging customers with a story is a great idea. Keep your story short and precise as the story not only has to interest customers but also make sure it conveys the point you’re trying to make, the product your trying to sell, sale you’re trying to crack.
  • TEMPLATES – templates are those that are used to attract people. Templates might not be a big deal but it holds a lot of value. Having a good template is different from having the right template. Your template must be able to define your brand and justify the products your offering. It has to be engaging and suitable for your campaign.


  1. HIGHLIGHT CURRENT EVENTS – Highlight what you actually want to convey. Let your template design be in a way where the focus is concentrated on what you want the customers to know. This email from Gilt, an E-commerce company that sent out emails every week in September perfectly highlights everything it wants its audience to know. Its name, latest collections, designers and it clearly conveys that you can now buy them on their website.
  1. FIND A DIFFERENT AND CREATIVE ANGLE – Try capturing pictures in different and unique angles. This will not only grab audience’s attention but will also look very attractive to their eyes. This email by Essie has got its way to play with colors yet keep it simple and elegant. 
  1. MENTION BIG NAMES – let your brand name be big and clearly visible. It has not become the trend where you represent your name in big and bold letters. After all it’s your brand you want to grow. This email by Monica Vinader I the perfect example for this. 
  1. OFFER FREE CONTENT – content is a very important part of any email marketing campaign. When you provide a little free content on your templates it attracts the audience as they get to know some information and if it interests them, they’ll definitely go for it. This email by Pantone is a great example for it.
  1. STAY TRENDY – since we’re talking about fashion brand and we know fashion styles are ever changing, we need to stay updated with the trends and try to represent it on our template too.
  1. EMBRACE SEASONS – there are always new fashion releases according to seasons, festivals and holidays. So keep your templates different that would match with you product and embrace it.
  1. DISCOUNTS AND OFFERS – offers and discounts is one the best methods to grab audience attention. Every customer will love to shop if there’s any offer given and this has to be highlighted in your templates. Like this template below –
  1. MOBILE RESPONSIVE – almost every company’s website is mobile friendly. When your site is mobile friendly, so should your template be. It has to match you desktop size and also be optimizable in mobile devices.
  1. CATEGORIES – website designs can be categorized with drop down menus or by creating different boxes on the same page. Same way your single templates can also be categorized.   
  1. EXCLUSIVE OUTLETS – outlets of products like designer wear had a different base. These are the outlets let by the brands that were represented in any big platform.

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