Newsletters are the major part of any email marketing campaign. They are something that audience might subscribe to you for. Newsletters are a printed or electronic report that contains information and activities related to business or organization or something that is related to the company that is sent to employees, members and subscribers. 

Newsletters usually contains one main topic of information to all its subscribers. E-newsletters are the newsletters that are sent through emails.

In simple terms, newsletters are the publications that delivers certain information to a certain group if people. A well written newsletters conveys information, instructions and inspiration.

Companies has to make sure to send it to only their subscribers so that they don’t end up in spam box. Newsletter is a powerful tool. It is a way of conveying your message to your audience. 

There are two important questions you need to ask yourself before you start writing a newsletter. 

1. What is my content?

2. Who are my audience? 

Once you know the answer to these questions, you are good to go start working on it. The questions above are the most important part. It is because whatever you do, your fate ends up on the audience decisions. So writing content and delivering it to the right segment of audience is really important.


THE COMPANY NEWSLETTER – this kind of newsletters is used to communicate with the employees and the members of the company. It is a form of internal communication which is shared to keep everyone informed of something.  

THE CONSUMER NEWSLETTER – this is a newsletter that is shared with your customers and readers. This newsletter is usually about company or products or anything that the audience are interested in. This is a way of staying in touch with your subscribers and maintaining good relationships.

THE ORGANIZATION NEWSLETTER – this form of newsletter is for both internal and external communication. It is mostly preferred by nonprofit organizations and ministries.

Newsletters can be about anything. There are business newsletters, marketing newsletters, fashion newsletters, finance newsletters etc.

Finance newsletters are those newsletters that provide you information about finances. Finance education can be really exhausting sometimes. To get the right information and understand it can be a real pain. 

To make it easy, there are many finance newsletters that talks not only talks about outer world finances but also can be a good way to educate yourself in personal finance. 


  1. INTEGRATING YOUR SOCIAL ICONS – templates with social media accounts integrated with it is an added advantage. In a manner it also promotes your social accounts. Email marketing templates which have emerged a lot in the recent years. These templates are created and designed more creatively and they are very eye catching. It is usually found on the header or footer of an e-mail which incorporates social icons which will directly lead us to the sender’s platform. It can be accessed easily by just tapping on it. This is a very effective way to increase traffic to your platform and also easy to access and will encourage the flow of your audience’s journey.
  1. EFFECTIVE CALL-TO-ACTIONS – Whenever a business has a latest news or an industrial insight to inform, a newsletter can be used to convey it in a very simpler manner to the audience. Newsletters use very eye-catching CTA’s which will lead the customers or the audience to your website and this will also increase the traffic of the website. They can use buttons or images to attract the customers towards the template so that they can use it.
  1. DYNAMIC CONTENT – dynamic content brings more value to your newsletter. There will be increased relevancy to you costumers. It is not just that, it also gives your subscribers a sense of personalized experience and personalization technology can be used which will be able to load dynamic content quickly. So just one newsletter could be delivered to all your contacts but be sent from different people within your business.
  1. BE MOBILE FRIENDLY – audience have a tendency to read newsletters in ease. Sometimes subscribers can be time sensitive and they just want to finish reading it soon. Sometimes all they want to do is lay down and read. Whatever maybe the reason it is always good to have a mobile friendly templates. So that your subscribers have the option and can go reading on a mobile device or on a desktop. 
  1. KEEP YOUR NEWSLETTER SHORT AND SWEET – online reading happens quicker than offline. So it is important to keep the audience interest on hold and give them the information they have been looking for. Keep your important information on the top which give the audience a reason to read further and read it full. 

Here are some financial email template examples you can take inspiration from –

You can always try and experiment with the templates. Make your template represent your content. Having a good email template benefits a lot like – 

  • It Saves you Time
  • It Promotes Brand Consistency
  • It Improves Communication
  • It Increases Income

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