We have so many marketing strategies and tactics that work so well to get us what we want. Marketing strategies that boost your sales, strategies that increase your ROI, plans that increase your brand recognition all across the world, tools that make work-life easier and give organization error free, perfect campaigns. Email marketing is one of those.

Email marketing is the process of marketing and advertising about your products or services through emails. This is a process where you send emails to your subscribers in a way that they are flattered to buy from you. Email marketing doesn’t have any sort of boundaries. It is for everyone and anyone. Email marketing can be used by a salon owner and even an online company like Amazon.


But what makes email marketing so distinct?

What makes people choose email marketing over other forms of online marketing?

Why is it that hard to ignore?

Here are some statistical data that makes email marketing irresistible for any business –

  • According to statistics, there will be more than 4.3 billion email users by 2023 and as of now there are there are about 3.9 billion email users.
  • For every dollar you spend, you can expect an average return of $42 (DMA 2019).
  • Emails have the highest open rate with about 82%.
  • Interactive emails like the emails which add videos to it, can increase emails click through rates by 300 percent.

And this the just the beginning of email marketing records. When done right, it can give your business everything it desires for.

When you run a salon business, you run a business that is purely based on customers. Everything you do depends on customers impressions. Here are some things you could do to run your business successfully. You will need a strong email marketing strategy. Sure there are Instagram, Facebook and other social media platforms you might consider first. But email marketing can offer you more.


Well, here’s why you should –

  • Email Marketing Is Cost Effective – Businesses always try to find ways to minimize its budget and still achieve everything they are aiming for. Email marketing is one of those ways. It is the most effective and easy way to reach your goals without actually spending lots of money on it.
  • Wide Reach – according to statistics, there are 1 billion Instagram users, 2.5 billion Facebook users, 330 million twitter users and 3.9+ billion email users in the world. This clearly defines that the chances of reaching people faster us through emails.
  • Email Automation Tools – there are automation soft wares that reduce your work and saves your time. These tools offer many things such as automatic replies, trigger emails on time, error free work, reports and health of campaigns etc.
  • Personalized Content – it is easy to personalize content on emails than on any other social media. You can choose what to send to whom and at what time. It is one of the greatest advantages any marketing strategy could offer.
  • Measuring And Reports Of Email Marketing Campaigns – it is easy to measure email marketing campaigns with the clearly defined reports and statistical charts that are generated automatically.


  1. SALON EMAIL MARKETING LIST – we know that to send any email you first need to prepare your list. We can call it subscribers list. This list will contain email addresses of your customers and people who subscribe through your forms.
  2. SOCIAL MEDIA – When you post something on social media platforms, despite of having good following, your posts don’t get enough impressions. This is because of the platform algorithms. But in email marketing, you can personally make sure that every person receives your message.
  3. NEWSLETTERS – since you are in a business that depends on information that consumers can get to know about you, we can use newsletters. Newsletters are a part of your email marketing campaign. Newsletters are like a tool you could use on regular basis to stay in touch with your customers. You can put content that is related to your business, your services, your products, your ideas and basically anything that your customers are interested in.
  4. SALON SOFT WARES – you can use some salon soft wares that can help you keep your appointments in track, send reminders, maintain track of what is done and what has to be done etc. Integrate your software with email marketing so that you have all your details at one place. It saves your time and money both.
  5. STAY IN TOUCH – use constant contact email marketing. Constant contact email marketing provides you unlimited emails, add on tools, reduced cost on your email marketing features of your salon software.
  6. GAIN MORE CUSTOMERS – always try to gain more and more customers. To do this you will first have to get a signup form. For your mom customers, you need to give them a good reason to subscribe to you. Your signup form has to be able to communicate about your business and brand to the audience and grab their attention. Once you got their attention you get their subscription.
  7. OFFERS AND DISCOUNTS – this is a great way to attract lot of people. This is also a good enough reason for someone to subscribe to you. You can put something where they can get a discount coupon to avail your services or any free service or anything related to your business. This can attract your customers and also if they’re new and are your customers yet, this can make them one.
  8. CATCHY SUBJECT LINES AND KILLER CONTENT – your subject lines decides if the person wants to open the email or not. To get his attention, this subject line has to be eye catching, relevant and make them want to open and check it out. Once they open your email and decide to read it, your content plays the role. Keep the important part on the top and on fold and short this way they can choose to read it completely or even if they don’t, your message is already conveyed.
  9. EMAIL TEMPLATES AND VALUE – keep your salon emails simple yet attractive. Your template has to communicate about you. It is like your representation and make sure it is good. You’re every email need to have some value in it. Just sending newsletters or emails is also not good. Without value, customers might just unsubscribe to you.

Follow these few tips and you will be good to go. And always remember that customers are the most important. Anything you do, it has to be in a way that they like.

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